Do you or your staff ever worry about money?

If so, you’re in good company:

  • Financial stress costs the UK economy £120.7 billion, and 17.5 million hours were lost because of absence from financial stress (Neyber 2016).
  • 40% of employee’s state money worries have caused them stress over the past year (Evans 2016)
  • 19% of employees have lost sleep worrying about their finances (CIPD 2017)
  • Disturbed sleep patterns contribute to lower employee productivity. Surveys at four US organisations estimated that fatigue-related productivity losses cost $1,967 annually per employee (Rosekind et al 2010).
  • One in four workers report money worries have affected their ability to do their work (CIPD 2017)
  • For every £1 million an organisation spends on payroll, it is estimated that it loses 4% of productivity due to poor employee financial well-being (Barclays 2014).
  • 8% of the UK workforce admit to taking time off work because of financial stress (Neyber 2016).

We provide corporate programmes to give organisations:

Savings in sickness absence, greater productivity, greater engagement and identification with the organisation, more appreciation of organisational pay and benefits. Bottom line, savings in costs from both physical absence and mental distraction and lack of focus and increased productivity, the figures indicating average savings of around 6% of salary roll each year.

And for staff

Being less stressed, more creative, enjoying work getting more satisfaction, more enterprising, better physical health, greater control of finances – bottom line, a more satisfying and enjoyable life and job, greater competence in personal finance and increased choice.